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Your Skin Sanctuary

Welcome to Na'ava Skin Care Spa—transforming your skin, transforming your life.


Whether you're looking to reduce acne, minimize wrinkles or simply give your skin a healthy glow, our personalized treatments are designed to meet your specific needs.

Start your skin journey.

Relaxing Facial

Our skin specialist, Vicky Keisler, will evaluate your skin and recommend custom treatments tailored to your unique needs.

Laser Facial Treatment

Using a variety of treatments, we work to address your unique skin concerns, leaving you confident in your skin.

Facial Treatment

Transform your face without needing to go through injections or surgical procedures with our Derma pen and radiofrequency treatment.

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Our exclusive natural, all-organic skincare line is designed to bring our clients the healthiest and most effective skincare products.

Before & After

Na'ava Skin Care Office

First-time clients get

20% off any service over $100 value

First-time clients also receive a free in-person consultation session.

Same-day treatments are available after the consultation.

Paniym Skin Care

created by Vicky Keisler,

our skin specialist

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